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Whether you’ve lost a home or business, a massive wildfire can take a serious toll on you, your families, and your business. 

Singleton Schreiber attorneys are committed to helping individuals, families, property owners, and businesses recover after a fire disaster has left them with no home, lost income, medical bills, disability, the loss of a loved one, and/or extensive damage to real estate and personal belongings.

Years of experience in utility fire lawsuits have allowed our attorneys to develop strong relationships with qualified wildfire experts who can help achieve the very best results for your case. If you’ve sustained damages resulting from a utility company fire, the Singleton Schreiber team is here to inform you of your legal options and ensure your interests are represented.

• Wrongful Death from Fire or Smoke 


• Serious Burns

Other Serious Personal Injury

• Property Loss

• Significant Property  Damage


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If you have experienced any of the following, you may be eligible for compensation.


  • Wrongful Death from Fire or Smoke 
  • Hospitalization
  • Serious Burns
  • Other Serious Personal Injury
  • Long-Term Health Effects
  • Psychological Impact
  • Home Loss
  • Structure Loss
  • Damage to Animals/Pets
  • Damage to Timber/Trees
  • Erosion
  • Vegetation Loss
  • Damage to Landscaping
  • Significant Property Damage
  • Economic Loss
  • Agriculture Loss
  • Business Loss
  • Damage to Infrastructure
  • Business Interruption    
  • Underinsured Property
  • FEMA Assistance
  • Utility & Other Service Interruptions
  • Housing Market Impacts


Have you been affected by the Calf Canyon & Hermits Peak Fires?

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If you or a loved one have been affected by the recent tragic wildfires in New Mexico, including the Hermits Peak Fire and Calf Canyon Fire, contact us for a free consultation today. Singleton Schreiber is working with the experienced New Mexico wildfire attorneys at Payne & Jimenez to represent victims of these devastating New Mexico fires.Bringing our expertise as top California wildfire attorneys, we can help you learn about potential Hermits Peak Fire compensation and understand all of your legal options, whether you have insurance or not. You deserve to be reimbursed for your losses.Whether you rent or own your property, you shouldn’t pay the price for wildfires caused by negligent government agencies. Years of experience in fire litigation have allowed our attorneys to develop strong relationships with qualified fire experts who can help achieve the very best results for your case.If you’ve sustained injuries, property loss, or property damage from fires in New Mexico, our experienced New Mexico fire lawyers are here to inform you of your legal options and ensure your interests are represented.

FAQ – McBride Wildfire

The official cause of the McBride Fire is under investigation, but Inciweb has reported the Nogal Canyon Fire was caused by downed power lines. The two fires started the same day about 10 miles apart from each other, but never joined. They were both sparked under a high wind event that downed power lines in the area among severe drought conditions.

What caused the McBride and Nogal Canyon Fires?

How can McBride Fire victims seek compensation for damages?

If you or a loved one were affected by the McBride Fire or the Nogal Canyon Fire, contact the experienced wildfire attorneys at Singleton Schreiber to understand your legal options.

Homeowners, renters, business owners, and others may have valid legal claims to substantial compensation for property damage and property loss caused by these New Mexico wildfires.

Is the McBride Fire connected to the Nogal Canyon Fire?

The two fires started the same day about 10 miles apart from each other, but never joined. They were both sparked under a high wind event that downed power lines in the area in severe drought conditions.

How many homes has the McBride Fire destroyed or damaged?

In two days the McBride Fire had destroyed 207 homes in Ruidoso, New Mexico, and two people, an elderly couple, died in the blaze as they were attempting to evacuate. At the same time, the smaller Nogal Canyon fire destroyed at least six homes and eight outbuildings about 10 miles to the northwest.

How many acres did the Nogal Canyon Fire burn?

The Nogal Canyon Fire burned 412 acres in the Sierra Blanca Mountains, about 10 miles to the northwest of Ruidoso, New Mexico, where the larger McBride fire destroyed more than 200 homes at the same time.

How many acres has the McBride Fire burned?

The McBride Fire burned 6,159 acres in just a couple of days, with most of the damage taking place in the town of Ruidoso, NM, in the first days after the fire ignited.

After starting on the afternoon of April 12, 2022, the McBride Fire and the Nogal Canyon Fire - just 10 miles to the northwest of Ruidoso - were sparked under drought conditions during a severe wind event, in which gusts as high as 90 mph knocked down trees and power lines operated by Public Service Company of New Mexico.

Can renters get compensation for the McBride Fire in Ruidoso?

If you’re a renter, you can join a class-action lawsuit, if one is filed, against the utility company seeking compensation for damages from the McBride Fire or other recent New Mexico wildfires. 

Whether you rent or own your property, you shouldn’t pay the price for wildfires caused by negligent power companies. If a utility company’s equipment sparks a fire that damages your property, you deserve to be reimbursed for your losses.

Read more about rented home loss from wildfires here.

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Can renters get compensation for the McBride Fire in Ruidoso?

Although there likely will be hundreds of individuals who suffer damages, we handle each case individually. Our goal is to recover the maximum amount of legal damages for each individual based on each individual’s unique losses. That amount can range from tens of thousands of dollars to tens of millions. PNM has millions of dollars available in insurance funds and can borrow additional money in order to pay all damages caused by this fire if their equipment is found to be the cause.

If you have experienced property damage or loss caused by the McBride Fire or another wildfire, or if you or a loved one has incurred hospitalization, severe burns or other physical injuries, wrongful death, psychological trauma, or other long-term health issues, the experienced wildfire attorneys at Singleton Schreiber can help you recover the fair and full compensation you need to move forward with your life.

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Two people died and more than 4,500 people were evacuated from their homes as a result of the McBride Fire in Ruidoso, New Mexico, which burned over 6,100 acres and more than 200 homes after a strong wind event in drought conditions downed power lines and trees in the area.

The exact cause of the fire is still being investigated. Studies are also underway to determine the long-term effects of the fire on the soil and local ecosystem, including any downstream consequences and future risks to the community.

We are associating with preeminent attorney Vern Payne. During his career, Vern has served as a District Judge, a Supreme Court Justice and Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court. He has also lectured at multiple law schools, the National college for Trial Judges, and Indian tribal courts. He has an advanced legal degree in the Judicial Process from the University of Virginia.

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If you have suffered from any of the following, you are eligible for compensation. Please contact our team to set up your free case evaluation. 

Hermits Peak Fire, Largest Wildfire in New Mexico History, Burns More Than 300,000 Acres, Destroys Hundreds of HomesThe Hermits Peak Fire has become the largest wildfire in New Mexico State history, devastating communities and destroyed more than 600 homes and 300,000 acres since it got out of control over six weeks ago.The Hermits Peak fire started April 6 when a controlled burn conducted by the United States Forest Service escaped its boundaries among high winds. The Hermit Fire then merged with the Calf Canyon Fire to create a massive blaze that has burned for nearly two months.Currently, the Calf Canyon Fire and Hermits Peak Fire are still just 34% contained. Although the fires were initially sparked by a preventatatory measure by the government — a prescribed burn that quickly became uncontrollable — the US Forest Service has defended the action.

US Forest Service Reviewing Ignition of Hermits Peak Fire
The agency is declining to release details over the decision to ignite the fire even as the state was experiencing extremely high winds — with widespread wind gusts regularly ranging between 55 and 70 mph. — and drought conditions.The “prescribed burn plan” and any other documents related to the fire will not be released by the Forest Service until its internal review is completed.

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